Package net.sourceforge.spnego

Interface Summary
DelegateServletRequest The default installation of Internet Explorer and Active Directory allow the user's/requester's credential to be delegated.

Class Summary
SpnegoAuthenticator Handles SPNEGO or Basic authentication.
SpnegoAuthScheme Example schemes are "Negotiate" and "Basic".
SpnegoFilterConfig Class that applies/enforces web.xml init params.
SpnegoHttpFilter Http Servlet Filter that provides SPNEGO authentication.
SpnegoHttpFilter.Constants Defines constants and parameter names that are used in the web.xml file, and HTTP request headers, etc.
SpnegoHttpServletRequest Wrap ServletRequest so we can do our own handling of the principal and auth types.
SpnegoHttpServletResponse Class adds capability to track/determine if the HTTP Status code has been set.
SpnegoHttpURLConnection This Class may be used by custom clients as a convenience when connecting to a protected HTTP server.
SpnegoPrincipal This class encapsulates a KerberosPrincipal.
SpnegoProvider This is a Utility Class that can be used for finer grained control over message integrity, confidentiality and mutual authentication.
SpnegoSOAPConnection This class can be used to make SOAP calls to a protected SOAP Web Service.