HTTP Status 404

1) Double check the log file(s) to see the "real" reason for the message.

HTTP Status 403

1) Double check that the username exists in the tomcat-users.xml file.

Also, the file should not contain a value for the password attribute.

Finally, double check that there have been no typos in the role name(s).

2) Double check that there are no typos in the role name(s) provided in the web.xml file

SEVERE: Cannot configure an authenticator for method

1) file may be missing the following entry


from the list of authenticators.

2) Confirm that there are no typos in the web.xml file

SEVERE: Cannot instantiate an authenticator of class

1) file may have a typo.

Double check the spelling of


2) may not be on the class path.

Compile and jar the example code and place the jar in the lib directory

request.getRemoteUser() returning null

1) Double check the value for the url-pattern element in the web.xml file

Checksum failed !

1) Typo in password in

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