Troubleshooting hello_spnego.jsp

Downloading and Installing TCPMon

You can download TCPMon from the Apache Web Site. Copy the .zip to \\MEDUSA (the server) and un-zip to any directory of your choice.

Before Running TCPMon

Before you can use TCPMon with the SPNEGO Http Servlet Filter, you must first modify your web.xml file.

The spnego.allow.localhost property in the servlet init params must be set to false. Take a look at the reference docs for a brief statement about this property.

Running TCPMon

Traverse to the \Temp\tcpmon-1.0-bin\tcpmon-1.0-bin\build\ directory and double-click the tcpmon.bat file. Accept the "Open File - Security Warning" by clicking the "Run" button.

Configuring TCPMon

On the TCPMon UI Window, click on the "Admin" tab and for the following fields, provide these values:

  • Listen Port: 80
  • Target Hostname: medusa
  • Target Port: 8080
  • And then click the "Add" button.

    After clicking the "Add" button, a new tab labeled "Port 80" will be displayed. Select the "Port 80" tab and walk away from the server and login into your workstation.

    Determine new URL

    After logging into your workstation, open a browser and instead of typing http://medusa:8080/hello_spnego.jsp in the URL, type the same address again but this time without the port number http://medusa/hello_spnego.jsp.

    Notice that the port number in the URL is not specified.

    After typing-in the URL and hitting Enter, go back to \\MEDUSA (the server) and view the TCPMon results in the TCPMon UI Window.

    Making sense of the results


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